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Please note:
Each Giclée print will be attached with a Certificate of Authentication and will be signed by myself and the printer. This will be created and sold as an unlimited series print.

Giclée Services

Calypso Imaging, Inc. has worked with professional image makers for more than 30 years. Our expertise includes: Photo Lab Services, Digital Imaging, Gallery Sales, Workshop Presentations, Fine Art Framing and High End Copy Work.

Giclée is simply the spraying of ink onto a substrate; how it is done though is what makes all the difference. As craftsmen (and women) we produce work that is true to the original art and to the artist’s intension.

The following information is the cut and dried presentation of facts. For nuanced communications please call or visit us for a little human interaction and a meeting of minds regarding your aesthetics and print expectations.


We use a Cruse synchron table scanner to digitally capture all the details of your original art. Many of the archiving departments of world class museums also use this equipment because of its extraordinary ability to accurately record the subtle line, color, texture and shape of flat art. For art that can be wrapped around a drum and for film originals up to 8.5x11 we offer ICG and Howtek drum scanning. Our preference is always to work from the original art when possible.


We use two separate Epson 9600 inkjet printers. Fine Art Paper and Canvas each have different surface coatings and therefore requiring different inks to maximize image fidelity.

Printing Materials

We use the Ultrachrome inks manufactured by Epson and touted by Henry Wilhelm Research. Wilhelm’s tests suggests that giclées printed on Epson Smooth Fine Art Paper and Ultrachrome inks when framed with a UV filter will last without noticeable color or density changes for over 150 years. We offer both the smooth and rough fine art papers made by Crane for Epson as well as the matte and gloss poly-cotton blend gelatin-coated art canvas manufactured by Bulldog.

Presentation Services

We offer a full array of mounting, stretching, laminating and conservation framing services. The entire line of Larson-Juhl frames can be viewed here.

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