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Young Mikey (circa 1967)
I was born in San Francisco. My mother said there was a full moon that night. I often wonder why... but that's for another story I suppose. As a child in fourth grade, I was always drawn to other kids' artwork as it hung up high above the walls in the classroom for others to see in class. I think that's when I first felt the inspiration to create my own art.
First drawing as a child

I studied Illustration at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco receiving a BFA in Illustration in 1986. From there I have worked as a Graphic Designer and multi-media artist by trade through the years, still painting and drawing as time would allow. My favorite mediums in college were acrylic paint and pen and ink. I was fortunate to have talented classmates who became successful after school as well. We all seemed to have a way of encouraging each other as our skills were developing more and more.

Illustration II, class 1982

One of those lively frogs...

Ringo Star among an Octopus' garden

Now, after years of painting and drawing and digitally creating, this website is home to my past, present and future works to come. I am grateful to my parents and family and friends who have helped inspire me and who have also collected a few of my original pieces over the years. I thank them all and the result is this website that is now up for viewing. The artwork captures my humor, passion and pride. Enjoy!


Present day Michael

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